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Celebrating true female beauty
Check for more photo updates on new site MetArt DB - Naked Teens
Excels in aspects of:
Erotic Art, Naturism, Nudism, and Outdoor Eroticism

Click here to enter METART's tour

"Girls of met art could model for Victoria's Secret, but METART got em first"

Rated: 98%

Useful Tidbits:

Yes - 996,117 PHOTOS
Quality: Extremely High (low available too)
(VERY hq, up to 1312x2000 pixels)

Movies: Yes - 837 (2-10 minutes each)
Formats: DIVX, MPA, MPEG, RM
Quality: High and Low (Selectable)

Live Girls: Yes - MET Live Cams, Model bios.

(Payment options are CC and online check)

29.99 - 30 Day
69.99 - 90 Day

Updates: Around 5 a day.

Reviewed: Oct 21, 2010- By: Nhunter (Click to contact through email with any question about this site, or any other review - Above all we are honest with replies on whether a site has such and such content)


Why did I join?
So, I was sitting around watching TV yesterday. What was I watching? A Victorias Secret show about modeling and how beautiful these girls must be to get chosen. And damn, they were very attracive obviously. I sat around all day wishin I could see just a little more of them, If not a LOT more of them ;o)

Later I surfed around the net and came upon MET ART, from the outside It looked very interesting. I had never seen even one of the girls anywhere else. And after I looked around for a few minutes I could tell that these girls are what I was wishing for while watching the TV earlier that day. The tour convinced me to try it out, It didnt lie and have catchy lines that didnt have anything to do with the content. Your able to see what they offer, with individual pages for each category (movies, stories, pics, etc.). I think it was mainly the way the tour pulled off the honest approach that got me to join.

And so I enter...
So anyways, into the site I wander. I had never heard of the site before, so I figured their archives may not be that big, and only stretch to early 2002 or so. But I was dead wrong. The first page I was brought to after entering my username and password was a page that let me choose from several things. They split the archives up into 5 sections: 1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004... (need I say more?) I chose january and was shown a page with 33 'magazine covers' each with a different girl (or two!) on it, The date added, The girls name, and several other options including: Full Cover (a nice big image of the full cover shot) The Photos (all of the photos in this series) LoRes Zip File and HighRes zip file (ALL of the pictures conveniently zipped). And if the set has a movie with there will be a Movie link also.

The Photos
I went ahead and picked a girl I liked and checked out 'The Photos'. The thumbnails were of decent size so I could actually tell what the girl looked like without having to open the full image. There are 20 pics per page usually with 2-5 pages. I loaded a few pictures (in high res) and my jaw dropped. I run my pc at 1600x1200 resolution and just about any time I look at porn, any picture will fit in my maximized window. Not these! I sure didnt mind at all either. They were gigantic and took a while to load (it was well worth it though). 56k modem users can choose the low res pictures if speed becomes an issue. The 'Low Res' pics are usually higher quality then most paysites high quality images.

Sample METART Photos
Disclaimer: Althought it may not seem like all these girls are legal (they are!), they are all covered by Title 18 and 2257 if papers are requested so the proof of age can be assured.
Most images inside METART range from 2000x1312 to 1280x1024
Also, most, if not all girls have atleast 40 pics Some have over 200-250.

A little about the 'erotic aspect'
Ill get into the movies and other things in a moment, but first I wanted to express the main thing I liked about this site. It doesnt have overworked 21 year olds posing as 18 with a fake smile on their face and 3 generic poses. Girls of met art are amazing (and very young looking too). Poses are never the same and its more about the natural movement, the girls here actually seem to love doing this (just like a proffesional model, very confident, and very beautiful). However, you wont find penetration, blowjobs, or bukkake on this site, If you want girls this beautiful doing hardcore stuff I would reccomend FTV Girls - Much smaller archives but the girls are just as beautiful, and they like to 'play around'. All that said, you DONT need penetration to get aroused. Sometimes a TRULY beautiful girl can do it much better. Girls of met art definitly "float my boat" and its not hard to find the 'crotch shots' for the girls, most are fully 100% nude. You can keep busy on this site for a long time, always finding an even hotter girl.

The Movies
The movies were very very interesting. Although there werent a ton of them, they were all exclusive. I never downloaded any from anywhere else. They give you a screenshot of what you can expect, with an option for FOUR different movie formats. (ranging from the low quality realplayer, to the very high quality divx) This means this site caters to all speed of interent user, doing some rough estimation I imagine there is anywhere from 12-15 hours of total video on this site, all of it being the abosolute best stuff I have ever seen. It may not seem like a lot of movies, but the quality of the video, and the beautiful girls more then made up for it. The download speeds maxed out my internet connection which means the site doesnt have any 'caps' on download speed. Which is very nice.
Also, 'Holy Nature' movie series (some of the most seeked videos on the net, but very hard to find) can be found on this site. And take it from me, these series are in one word, amazing.

Interested? Click here to enter METART

The search option
A few paysites have this, but its not this cool, not by far. As you probably know by my rambling this site has quite the archive of girls. Which can make finding a girl your REALLY like a little tough. The search tool has a ton of different options, which bring up all matching girls on the site.
What are the search options?
-Hair Color
-Location (Indoor or Outdoor)
-Body Type (Skinny, Average, or Plump)
-Breast Size
-Shaved (Yes/No)
-Eye Color
-Nationality (american, asian, euro, english, french, italian, russian, scandenavian, south american, and spanish)
Im sure you can see the amazing power of this thing. With so many options you can find your perfect girl in no time flat.

That is basically what the site offers, I really like the fact they update DAILY instead of every week. Most of their models have never been shot naked before, and all models are 100% exclusive.

Live shows - Like most pay sites, these live shows kinda suck. You can only really watch, and if you want to talk one on one you need to fork out some more money. If you want a true live show experience (without having to pay by the minute - YUCK!) I reccomend SeventeenLive - If I remember correctly its a monthly charge at about 20 dollars. And the girls are great, they will actually chat with ya and do what you would like them to.
Special Artists - They have a few special areas with exclusive erotic photographers, and their own archives. Including the awesome erotic photography of: RICHARD MURRIAN, BRIAN PETERSON, SANDRO CIGNALI, ROY STUART (Year 2000 erotic photographer of the year), RONIN (The Acclaimed Erotic Photographer), J.VILLEPRAT, and MICHELLE7. Each artists archive containts anywhere from 100-500 pictures.
Zip Files - I loved the option of downloading an entire set on a zip file. So even after your membership expires you can access the pictures/movies you downloaded.

In Conclusion

This is one truly spectacular site, If you feel that a girl is more then just something you can stick your penis into, this will be your breath of fresh air. The archive is the best I have seen so it really didnt affect it much. The layout of the site is very very easy to navigate and everything is in close reach, the search tool was a very nice addition and gave this site what it needs to surpass others of the same 'type'.

Interested? Click here to enter METART


All images are in compliance with 18 USC 2257, and are licensed to me by the copyright holder.
Copying, printing or downloading of text, images or design of this site is strictly prohibited.